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The AI-powered Recruiter that instantly matches top talent from the world's best job boards as well as your own internal talent pool for your job. Like human - just 100X faster



State of the art intelligence and talent analysis

We have built the most advanced AI that can automate your entire hiring process and help you make data driven hiring decisions.

Interact with the AI in a privacy preserving manner

We have built large language models that help you interact with our Co-Pilot without worrying about any privacy concerns.

Tap into the one of the fast growing candidate
community in the world

We are growing fast and have one of the largest active candidate database in the world for you to tap into.

World class support

We have a world class support team that can provide you with support anytime.


Enhanced Efficiency

Automate your hiring process and maximise your productivity

Save Time

Find the right talent and hire them 100X faster

Reduce Costs

No more need to pay costly fees to build your dream team!

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We have used Monster, Dice, Indeed, CareerBuilder and ZIP recruiter. None of them have this technology.